How to Increase followers on Instagram

Instagram has become the cornerstone for big brands to get significant and organic traffic for their business. Instagram is highly recommended for the branding and marketing strategy of your business. If you don’t have any idea how to Increase followers on Instagram, then learn the best ways from here. And if you get organic Instagram followers, then it is quite possible to engage best with your followers and audience.

If you are searching for How to increase followers on Instagram, this is the right place to get those ways. Follow these provided ways to gain more followers for your Instagram brand.

13 Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram

The best 13 ways to increase your followers on the Instagram are given below;

1. Optimize your Instagram account and Bio

It is the most crucial step to first optimize your Instagram Account and Bio before learning how to gain followers on Instagram. Optimizing the account means setting the best bio, image caption, proper username, and attractive and related profile picture. Just imagine if you don’t have these things on your Instagram profile; how will people know that this account belongs to a brand you own?

 increase instagram followers by optimizing

You can optimize your profile and grow Instagram followers in the following ways;

  • Your profile of Instagram can be optimized by providing the link to your site in your bio.
  • You can use a search-friendly name for your profile to be easy to find.
  • Your username should be your actual brand name to be unique and try not to use any special characters in it.

2. Showcase your Instagram Everywhere

The second most important way to get a lot of followers on Instagram is to promote and showcase your profile. You can promote your profile in the ways given below;

  • Your Instagram profile must be attached to your website and social media networks. 
  • You can also add social media buttons on your website to promote your profile and get more followers.
  • Your profile must include visibility and awareness to get discovered.
  • You can also spread awareness about your profile through Twitter.

3. Market through your personal Instagram account

Another best way to boost Instagram followers is to do marketing through your private account of Instagram. Basically, you can be a social media influencer this way. Connecting your private and business Instagram account can increase brand recognition, sales, and followers count. And you can also use a pro tip to run this playbook on the app of TikTok to enhance your followers.

followers on instagram

4. Keep a consistent content calendar

If you are trying to get more followers on Instagram, try to be consistent in posting your content on your Instagram id.  And also, you can post your content on the best pinpoint times to get discovered more by the people. If you stick to a specific schedule to post your content for the best experience for the followers and you can also schedule the time always to remember when to post by the smart features of Instagram; learn more in detail below.

5. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

The Algorithm of Instagram has changed to provide the content users want to see posted at the correct time. So you can schedule when to post the content with the best scheduling Instagram content tool like sprout social at the right time. With the help of this tool, you can schedule your stories, feed posts, and carousels. And this is the best way to get followers in Instagram by scheduling your time to post your content.

6. Post content followers want

If you desire how to get followers on Instagram with the best content so you must post the content that your followers want to see. And the ways to know what your followers want to see are as follows;

  • You must test and compare your content with your competitors to do better than them. And you can learn this through new Instagram trends.
  • You can better analyze the content your followers want to see by using Instagram analytics tools.
  • And you can also use the Instagram competitors report to perfectly analyze your competitors and make your Instagram followers happy.

7. Work with brand ambassadors 

How do I get more followers on Instagram if you want the answer? Without celebrity influencers. So you can make a deal and work with the brand ambassadors with an astounding number of followers. Brand Ambassadors are Instagram users who believe in and support your business and spread the word or promote your brand.

8. Avoid fake Instagram followers

The Instagram with the fake followers is much different from the real ones. It is quite tempting to buy Instagram followers, but it has more backlashes than benefits. Because the real followers on Instagram like, share and engage with your post and content. So avoid buying fake followers; instead, try to earn organic followers for the profile. Use Instaup or Top follow to get real followers.

9. Write great captions for your Instagram post

As you know, nice photos catch the followers’ attention, and great captions keep those followers. An excellent caption can generate instant followers on Instagram when you use the right keywords in your content and caption to get searched maximum times by Instagram users. A nice caption for the post can be up to 2200 characters to be concise and beneficial. The correct and friendly caption can help you to engage with your audience and community.

10. Research and use hashtags

According to excessive research, hashtags play a vital role in boosting your content and followers on Instagram. The correct hashtags for your content can expose your brand to large and targeted audiences. So research the best hashtags and use them in your captions and content.

11. Incorporate Reels into your content mix

You can incorporate reels in your content to reach more people on Instagram. Reels are short and fun videos with audio and creative effects to attract more audience organically. Reels are now becoming the territory for brands, so use this way and gain Instagram free followers.

12. Analyze your results

The most important way to increase followers on Instagram is to look at your followers’ responses about your context. You can use the Instagram app and other tools like Buffer to analyze the results you are getting from the users.

13. Use Instagram Live

Being live on Instagram is the critical factor for the best marketing strategy to grow Instagram followers. In this way, you can engage with your followers in real-time.

How to get followers on Instagram without following?

Now you can also get followers without following the new followers on Instagram with the ways listed below;

  • You can showcase and promote your profile on other channels.
  • You can also use hashtags in your captions and content.
  • You can schedule your Instagram posts on the right time.
  • You can also use the video content on your profile.
  • You can also get free followers on Instagram by engaging your audience with your content.

How to get Instagram followers without posting?

To get Instagram followers without posting anything is very hard, but there are 2 major ways to follow given as,

  • You can gain followers on Instagram without even posting by sending Direct messages to the people who interest you.
  • And you can also Follow the people that interest you to get the follow back.

How to know when I started following someone on Instagram

There are specific ways to know when you started following someone on the Instagram, like you can also know the exact date of following,

  • You can Rearrange your Instagram following list to get to know when you started following that person. You cannot get the exact date this way, but whether you started earlier or not.
  • You can also check the comments and likes on your post by that particular person.
  • You can see the first Message between that person and you to check the date when you started following that particular person.

We hope this article about How to increase followers on Instagram was helpful for you. By following the above ways, you can get the followers you desire on your account.

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